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Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Over 65% of the adult population in developed nations suffers from issues related to excess fat accumulation in the body. Obesity is a multi-factorial and a complex issue which cannot be resolved just by following a fad diet or beginning to exercise. Most such diets and rigorous exercise regimens cause unhealthy weight loss. It is not uncommon to see someone who loses a few kilograms of weight just to gain it all back. Or someone experiencing weakness, hair fall, menstrual irregularities, unhealthy skin and irritable mood since being on a diet. Obesity should be taken more seriously. Its treatment requires an in-depth analysis of the individual’s life-style, eating habits, genetic background, emotional state and all other factors mentioned above. Only this provides the core reasons behind the problem and appropriate solutions to them. 



Some of the most common causes leading to obesity are:


Unsuitable dietary habits remains the leading cause behind obesity. Many examples of switching to “Western” diets in non-Western countries causing a sharp rise in obesity rates are a clear example of this phenomena in action. This is usually not related to eating a lot, but more so to eating unsuitable foods.

Metabolic imbalances and physiological dysfunction in the body leading to accumulation of fat, water retention and inability to burn fat. Major physiological events like puberty, pregnancy and menopause are some of the triggers leading to metabolic and hormonal imbalance.

Emotional disturbances like mild depression usually leads one to eat excessively. It is also known to cause unusual cravings for certain foods.

Food intolerances can cause severe disturbance to body metabolism leading to excess weight gain despite not eating much.

Deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins and essential elements, mainly due to the inability to absorb them.

Poor quality of sleep is increasingly being recognized as a leading cause behind obesity.

Side effects of various prescription medication is becoming an important cause behind the obesity epidemic.

Consumption of “low fat” foods. Yes! Ironically, the foods which are sold to prevent obesity are among the worst foods that cause not just obesity but also diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Increasingly sedentary life. An unnoticed side effect of our living environment becoming modern is ever reducing need to move physically. Personal cars, escalators, elevators, home delivery of groceries and food are all silent catalysts to weight gain.

Going against nature. With rapid urbanization of the world, we are increasingly living contrary to how we were designed to function and evolved to survive. Not respecting the body’s in-built clock and natural rhythm in the long run clearly disrupts its ability to function normally.  


STEPS: Practical, safe, permanent and natural solution.

At DHHC, we first identify the factors at play and address the imbalance using various appropriate therapies. We do not focus on losing weight. We focus on getting the balance right. Weight loss is always a side effect.




A gentle, natural and safe treatment plan to get a healthy functioning body. Addressing the most common metabolic issues including insulin resistance and other hormonal imbalances.

A custom designed nutrition plan that satisfies your body’s physical and emotional needs.

A natural treatment and support system to get a balanced emotional and mental state.

A suitable and sustainable exercise regimen to help achieve and maintain your health goals.


The Metabolism Optimization Program (MOP) is a combination of various therapies that are employed based on an individual’s health status and needs.


Step 1: Health-O-Meter Analysis:


All details about your health condition like sleep quality, mood, energy levels, life-style and activity levels are evaluated. This information combined with the results of a Metabolic Profile blood test, that checks all vital organs and hormonal balance indicates the areas which need improvement and a treatment plan is formulated, suited to your life-style.


Step 2: The treatment plan 


IIs formulated and you are given detailed instructions about all the changes you need to make.


Step 3: The treatment phase


You are supported and mentored during your treatment phase. We find solutions to any difficulties you face in achieving your health goals.


Step 4: Maintenance and improvement phase: 


In this phase, once you achieve your optimal health and goals, you are encouraged to improve on your health and stay motivated.


The aim is to optimize your metabolism, balance your hormone levels, boost your immune system, establish a healthy relationship with food and eating, improve the quality of sleep, learn about specific foods that are suitable and unsuitable for you and learn suitable forms of exercise. It is an all-natural, tailor-made program and is different for each individual.


Which conditions can be helped by MOP?


  • Problems with managing weight

  • Dealing with food cravings

  • Glucose and lipid metabolism disorders (Diabetes, PCOS, Insulin resistance, abnormal cholesterol levels)

  • Tiredness/fatigue

  • Sexual dysfunction.

  • Infertility

  • Cardio-vascular diseases, e.g. hypertension

  • Joint pains (Rheumatic and other conditions)

  • Migraines

  • Liver and gall bladder disorders

  • Hormone/menopausal conditions

  • Allergy/skin disorders

  • Sleep disorders



Known side effects of STEPS Metabolism Optimizing Program:

1.    Loss of unhealthy fat.

2.   Higher levels of energy.

3.   Good mood. (Sometimes unexplained cheerfulness)

4.   Better quality of sleep.

5.    Improved self-image.

6.   Better relationships. (partly owing to the unexplained cheerfulness)

7.   Knowledge about one’s body and how it functions. (might make you chatty at social occasions)