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Dubai Homeopathy Health Center,

Villa 756, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

+971 4 395 3333






In today’s world, women take on so many essential roles - business women, mothers, homemakers and more. And given these varied and demanding responsibilities, a woman’s body is under added constant pressure. Modern living has presented women with distinctive health challenges. Add to this the delicate interplay of several female hormones, pollutants, stress and improper diet, the result can often lead to imbalances.


Here at Dubai Homeopathy Health Center (DHHC), we understand these challenges and treat you as an individual with your own unique genetics, body chemistry and lifestyle. For this reason, our natural treatments are fully customized to you and your particular needs, catering to a wide array of disease conditions faced by women.

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Which women-related issues can we assist you with


  • Weight management: we use the Metabolism Optimizing Program (MOP) combined with all-natural homeopathy and yoga to help you achieve your optimum metabolic balance and weight.

  • Hormonal imbalances: Most women suffer from hormonal imbalances leading to a variety of symptoms from moodiness to lethargy, weight gain and hair fall. DHHC provides natural treatments to assist the body balance these hormones and achieve better health.

  • Female infertility: DHHC offers a range of natural treatments to aid natural conception. We see that very few cases are truly unable to conceive naturally if they are treated holistically. Most resort to heavily advertised artificial conception methods with poor success rates, exorbitant costs and numerous side effects to the mother and later to the baby if at all successful. The key to having a successful natural conception lies in having a healthy body and mind.

  • Natural beauty and ageing gracefully: Skin, hair and nails are the external reflection of internal health. DHHC helps to enhance your natural beauty by improving your overall internal health. Treating skin conditions such as eczema and acne, scars, pigmentation, hair problems like constant hair fall, dandruff and alopecia, as well as maintaining healthy nails are just a part of the STEPS treatment plan.

  • Menstrual disorders: Using natural methods, DHHC helps to re-balance menstrual cycles, treat cramps, alleviate symptoms of menopause, and restore normal hormonal balance.

What about conception, pregnancy, and birth


Pregnancy truly is a magical time. From the very first week right up until the delivery, it’s a wonderful time of really celebrating what it means to be a woman. But, let’s be honest, it’s not all sunshine and roses. As your body changes to accommodate another life growing inside of you, some of the symptoms can be rather unpleasant. Every woman’s body reacts differently, and that is why at DHHC we believe in catering to your individual, specific needs using only natural treatments.

We strongly emphasize the need to prepare about a year in advance before getting pregnant. This time is spent reaching your healthiest state, filling up all reserves which would be crucial during a draining time of pregnancy, and keep the complications at their minimum during childbirth.

However, if you haven’t done that, by using only natural remedies to soothe the symptoms of pregnancy, DHHC provides a safe and effective way for expecting mothers to feel their very best. From conception right up until the third trimester, homeopathic remedies help women's bodies with the gentle reminders it needs to restore perfect harmony between them and the baby while preparing for childbirth. 


The benefits of homeopathy to both mother and baby include:


  • Homeopathic remedies can be taken safely throughout your pregnancy. As all treatments are naturally free of chemicals, you can enjoy a safe, all-natural pregnancy without any harmful preservatives or drugs.

  • Having a preventive approach, homeopathy promotes a natural childbirth minimizing the need for conventional chemical medicine.

  • Homeopathy assists mothers with post-natal depression (and can prevent its onset too).




The STEPS program is ideal for expecting mums, the perfect solution at a time when you’d rather avoid taking conventional and possibly toxic drugs. We believe that women can enjoy their pregnancies to the fullest and give their baby the best possible start in life and what better way than enhancing yours and you unborn child's health through homeopathy.

At DHHC, we offer: 


  • Pre-natal counselling and Health Improvement Program. 

  • Complete natural treatment using homeopathy and Yoga during pregnancy, preparing you for a pleasant birthing experience.

  • Trained midwives (doula), who would guide you through the process of pregnancy, prepare you for a natural child-birth, assist you during labour and train you with the right techniques of breast feeding.

  • Hypno-birthing course available on request. This hypnotherapy technique is a brilliant way to take charge of your body and the beautiful experience of becoming a mother.

  • Brest feeding techniques training and support available on request.