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Dubai Homeopathy Health Center,

Villa 756, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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With a relatively unpolluted body and mind, children and adolescents respond particularly well to natural treatments. With their evolving bodies, children in our care show positive changes both in their emotions and behaviour, while also improving their learning capacity and physical health. Just by avoiding chemical treatments which invariably have side effects, many health issues can be prevented. Add to it the immense benefit of gentle and natural treatments and you have a child who blooms to their full potential without hindrance.

Isn’t it normal for children to fall ill once in a while?


Yes. Catching a common cold and other infectious diseases once in a while is normal and natural, it is a learning exercise for the immune system and it gets stronger in the process. It is crucial that this learning be encouraged and be supported using natural healing methods. Yet in today’s society, the opposite is practiced – children are being over-treated for any and every ailment –mild fevers, ear infections, sore throats, coughs and other infectious diseases, sometimes all at once. This is inhibiting the immune system, not allowing it to learn, increasing the incidents developing allergies, impaired digestive systems, malabsorption syndrome, poor attention span and other behavioral problems, ultimately leading to impaired growth in children.


Apart from these, two very important factors which are widely ignored by the conventional approach but is considered crucial to the child’s health at DHHC are:


  • The effect of emotional stress on physical health and immune system. Feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, jealousy, being abandoned, being unloved etc. can cause a variety of disturbances in the child, ranging from constipation to sleeplessness and a weak immune system. 

  • Improper absorption of nutrients from food sources. These might be a result of antibiotic overuse, developmental defects in absorption, insufficient healthy bowel flora, side effects of vaccinations, insufficient breast feeding etc. 

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Try this: Check if your child sweats on the head/neck area while sleeping. If they do, in most cases indicates that their body is struggling to absorb calcium from food. This malabsorption usually leads them to have a weak immune system and slow growth. This can easily be fixed using homeopathic treatment. The sweating stops or reduces significantly within a few weeks and the child is much healthier.

How can my child benefit from pediatric care at DHHC

  • Boosting the immune system Give your child’s natural immunity a boost and help their growing bodies instinctively fight off recurring infections like colds, coughs, ear infections and tonsillitis.

  • Aiding absorption and assimilation of nutrients A growing body needs a timely and sufficient supply of nutrients to cater to growth. Failure to achieve proper physical and mental growth is more linked to inefficient digestion and absorption than lack of vitamins and minerals. It also has immense implications for the immune system.

  • Boosting physical and mental growth& development For children who are fussy eaters, have poor appetite, or simply fail to gain optimum weight and height, the STEPS Program provides an excellent natural boost to your child’s physical and mental growth.

  • A Health-O-Meter analysis reveals all the underlying causes behind slow growth or appetite problems. A targeted treatment plan and elimination of those causes permanently solves most (non-congenital) growth and development related issues.

  • Eliminate allergies Allergies can be eliminated altogether if the immune system is balanced and strong. This can only be achieved if overall optimal health is maintained.

  • Childhood obesity increasingly becoming a problem in the developed world, obesity in children can have much more harmful outcome for their health as compared to adults. It is best to change course and correct the imbalance at an early age. To further enhance and encourage the natural health of your child, STEPS offers:-

  • Metabolism Optimizing Program (MOP) especially suited to children. Promoting proper detoxification: We offer detox programs for children and adults using homeopathic remedies. If you notice your child having the following, they are probably unable to detoxify naturally:

  • Smelly perspiration.

  • Excessively sweaty hands or feet.

  • Bad breath.

  • Unhealthy looking skin.

  • Dark around the eyes.

  • Wounds take too long to heal.

  • Nails grow too slowly.


Boost confidence

A child’s confidence is one of the most vital yet fragile parts of his or her development. STEPS offers excellent homeopathic remedies and parental counseling to naturally boost confidence, self-esteem, overcome shyness and allow the child to bloom to their full potential.

Treating conditions usually considered incurable 

Complaints like nail-biting, bedwetting, picking the nose, putting things in mouth, eating chalk, pencils and shirt collars, pulling hair, licking everything, hating to cut hair or nails are some of the conditions for which your visit to the local GP would prove futile. You would most probably be told to give it the all healing touch of “time”. Although each of these conditions have a plausible explanation and treatment. At DHHC, we routinely treat all of these conditions using homeopathic remedies and occupational therapy.

If you're worried, don't wait

If you suspect that your child's learning difficulties may require special assistance, please do not delay in finding support. The sooner you move forward, the better your child's chances for reaching his or her full potential.

Behavioral problems

Again something wrongly considered incurable or just ignored as ‘their nature. If your child is a handful, you should consider early intervention. We assist everything from help with school-related changes, sibling rivalry and to puberty and peer relationships. We also offer parent education and counseling. Supporting a child achieve balance early in life plays an important role in shaping their future.